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Open a new recurring revenue stream by expanding your business advisory services into cybersecurity compliance.

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The problem

There is an increasing demand for businesses to have a valid HM Government Cyber Essentials certificate.

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The problems for your clients

Cybersecurity compliance comes with a price tag.

Growing need

Public and private sector tenders, and industry bodies, are increasingly demanding that businesses hold a valid Cyber Essentials certificate.

Difficulty to respond

Compliance is a tricky field. Whilst DIY is always an option, without expertise it can be the most time consuming route in preparing for certification.

Consultant referrals

Consultancy now typically costs from £1,000 +VAT per day. This can be a non-starter when many firms are unable or unwilling to make such an investment.

The problems for your practice

Your clients have a need. Referrals are a struggle. How can you respond?

It’s not your field

It’s likely you’re not a cybersecurity expert. Your practice may need to retrain a colleague, or recruit a new one, to service this client need.

It’s an unknown market

Knowledge in a field doesn’t immediately translate into an ability to sell it. This creates an extra layer of overheads - taking the solution to the client.


Some larger practices are expanding their consultancy services into this area. This is creating a competitive pressure through a broader client offering.

…Cyber AMI makes this complex topic simple, approachable, and manageable.…
Nathan Harris, IT Manager, Qdos Group

The opportunity

Hassle-free, annual recurring revenue for your practice.

Helpful for your clients

Our web-based self-assessment and education service, Cyber AMI, is the easiest way to Cyber Essentials compliance.


You can retail to your client a subscription for just £300 +VAT per year. That's a huge saving over using consultants.


Logical, plain English self assessment and education makes the process painless for non-technical individuals.


Besides instant access on registration, our software offers a wealth of benefits to make the process a breeze.

Simple for your practice

Everything is taken care of.


Our service to your practice is delivered in the same plain English as our service for your clients. Support is on hand should you ever have a query.


Besides co-branding of Cyber AMI, you’ll be provided will all necessary marketing tools, draft copy and literature. It’s ready-to-roll out of the box.


There’s no learning curve. You can be up and running and able to offer Cyber Essentials compliance to your clients in just a few working days.

In summary...

You can retail a complete Cyber Essentials solution to your clients. Everything is provided for your practice, and you can be up and running in just a few days.

…... a really reassuring support for our business, and so helpful in making the annual certificate renewal process easy for us.…
Andrea Napier, Office Manager, Luker Rowe Insurance Brokers

Our service

We're ready when you are.

Everything you need

There's a lot more to our offer. Contact us today for a full information pack.

Voucher Codes

Similar to a software licence key. When entered in to Cyber AMI your client will redeem a 12-month subscription.

Marketing support

Co-branded software and marketing literature, ready-to-use copy for emails and your website. It's all taken care of.

Berea's expertise

Besides other goodies, our team will regularly keep you informed of useful information on Cyber Essentials.

Why partner with Berea?

A trusted British business, established in 2010 and based in Leicestershire.

The first

Launched in 2014 Cyber AMI was the first online platform to deliver Cyber Essentials without the need for a consultant.

We're trusted

Among others we work closely with some of the biggest names in the UK's insurance industry - who entrust their clients to us.

Speak to a partner

You can also take up our service through Qdos Vantage, a trusted Tax Enquiry Insurance provider to Accountancy Practices.

…We recognise that Cyber AMI properly prepares a business for Cyber Essentials certification.…
Cary Hendricks, Global Operations Director, ID Cyber Solutions

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