Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT)

Empower your employees to understand and address cyber security, reducing your business' exposure to cyber risk

Description & outcomes Programme overview Training assessment Pricing & booking

Description and learning outcomes

The session has been designed to help your business to understand the current cyber threats and practical steps that can be taken now to improve security.

Man in suit leading a training within employees.

At the end of this session the participants will understand:

Where risks come from Why attacks happen Why cyber security is their responsibility too How to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack How Data Protection legislation applies to your business And there's plenty of time for Q&A, too

CSAT empowers your employees to understand and address cyber security, thereby reducing your business’s exposure to cyber risk. It is a critical component of a cyber security strategy, and is a big step towards fulfilling your obligations under the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Did you know..?

Information Commissioner's Office data indicates 93% of Data Protection Act breaches are caused by human error.

Who should attend & programme overview

All employees in all roles within a business will benefit from the training. The programme covers:

What is cyber?

  • Understanding what we mean when we use the word "cyber".

Consequences of cyber risks

  • Reputation damage.
  • Financial risk.
  • Legal implications.

Understanding data protection

  • Data Protection obligations.
  • All data is valuable.
  • Recognising what data you hold, and where you hold it.
  • Classification of data.
  • Protecting your data.

Defending against common threats

  • Social engineering.
  • Password management.
  • Malware.
  • USB drives.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Social media.
  • Public WiFi.
  • Physical security.

Did you know..?

Inadvertent human error (48%) and lack of staff awareness (33%) were all contributing factors in causing the single worst breach that businesses suffered in 2015.

PwC ISBS 2015

How is the training assessed?

An interactive learning assessment is undertaken in the training session. The training is further supported by:

An optional participant pre-training questionnaire.

A colour printed notepad for personal notes.

A Cyber Safety At Work advice pack to reinforce the training.

Pricing & booking

100% of delegates report a better understanding of cyber risk and security (Oct-Dec 2015).


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Sessions last up to 4 hours, depending on your requirements.


Delivered at your offices or a venue of your choice.

The training provided was insightful and thought provoking …measures can be taken to protect your data in a climate where the threats change on an almost weekly basis.
Caroline Bramhall, Training & Competency Manager, Russell Scanlan Insurance Brokers