Cyber AMI

Web based cyber security education and audit platform.

Identify and fix your blind spots No experience needed Roadmap to improving security Become standard compliant Evolves with new cyber threats Education to understand risks Template policies to support change Training all staff beyond benchmark

How we help

Equip your businesses with the knowledge and tools to secure against evolving cyber security threats.

Computer with Cyber AMI Learning Centre. Individual working through the password module. Manager helping staff with a question on the computer.

Introduction to cyber security

Cyber AMI is the starting place with up to date resources to overcome the challenges of cyber security.

Progress to advanced security

Accessible education that assists with completion of the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme and beyond.

Reduce your risk

Using Cyber AMI reduces legal liabilities, improves security and protects your brand.

No experience needed

Any size business can use Cyber AMI to identify and fix security weak spots.

…pivotal in winning a major, multi million pound contract. Cyber AMI has become a trusted component of our operations.
Paul Casement, Director of Sales & Account Management, Clarity Travel Management