Executive Briefing on Cyber Risk and Security (Cyber 101)

The knowledge and insight to become a more resilient business.

Description & outcomes Programme overview Training assessment Pricing & booking

Description and learning outcomes

An intensive crash course on cyber risk and security for Directors and Senior Managers.

Men and Women around a meeting table listening to training.

At the end of the session your leadership and management teams will:

Have a broad understanding of cyber risk, including information security and data protection Possess deeper knowledge of where your business may be exposed Recognise the internal responsibilities for the risk in different roles Understand the legal responsibilities of data protection and the evolving legal landscape Obtain insight in to an action plan for quickly and meaningfully reducing internal exposures The session is tailored to your industry

This session is essential for businesses that are concerned about information security and data protection, and their position towards it. The course provides the necessary knowledge and insight to become a more resilient business.

Did you know..?

28% of the worst security breaches in 2015 were caused partly by senior management giving insufficient priority on security.

PwC ISBS 2015

Who should attend & programme overview

This session is designed specifically for a business's Directors, Senior Management and Leadership teams. The training will cover:

What, exactly, is cyber risk?

Why businesses are at risk Information security, data protection, reputation management Who and what creates the risk Why and how cyber incidents happen Overview of common incidents Consequences of a cyber incident

Introduction to cyber security

Who is responsible in your business? Why is cyber perceived as complex and costly? What is being done about cyber risk? EU General Data Protection Regulations CiSP, Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 and more What can your business do?

Did you know..?

Because cyber risk is ubiquitous in the digital age, boards should lead the effort by redefining cyber security governance and shifting the mindset in the entire organisation.

EY: How boards can get ahead of cyber security risk

How is the training assessed?

An interactive learning assessment is undertaken in the training session. The training is further supported by:

An optional participant pre-training questionnaire.

A colour printed notepad for personal notes.

A Cyber Safety At Work advice pack to reinforce the training.

Pricing & booking

99% of delegates that attended this training rated it "outstanding" (Oct-Dec 2015).


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Sessions last up to 3 hours, depending on requirements.


Delivered at your offices or a venue of your choice.

opened our eyes to what exactly cyber risk is …cyber security is not an unknown quantity, it is within our power to secure our business.
Barbara Bock, Head of Risk, Internal Audit and Brand, Elite Insurance Company