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We help brokers supercharge their conversations on cybersecurity and insurance with SMEs.

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The problems

A meaningful conversation on cybersecurity and insurance needn't be difficult. It starts with understanding the problems.

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The common objections

Jargon, myths and expense can make it easy for clients to avoid discussing the issue with you.

"It's not applicable"

Some clients will argue, for a variety of reasons, that they believe they're not at risk. This problem can only be solved through introspection.

"It's confusing"

Advice on information security and data protection is often littered with jargon and sold on fear, making it easy for a client to become paralysed.

"It's expensive"

Cybersecurity consultancy now typically costs £1,000 +VAT per day. Businesses are aware of the risk, but unwilling or unable to spend such sums.

The missing links

We asked ourselves the question: "What do brokers need to efficiently start conversations at scale?"


Account executives need training to understand the basics of cyber risk, security and insurance.


Traditional marketing approaches aren't working. Your clients need a solution to start their journey.


Risk management is critical to appreciation. Your clients need a plain-English approach.


The Cyber Accelerator has been specifically designed to be cost-neutral. Ask us how!

Some of our partners

We're experienced and trusted.

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…Berea is an excellent partner and addition to our Cyber Consortium…
Sarah Stephens, Head of Cyber Insurance, JLT Specialty

Our solution

Introducing the Cyber Accelerator. Practical, affordable, and delivered in plain English.

For your Account Executives

Our service includes training that will give your team a comprehensive, plain English understanding of cyber risk, security and insurance. Importantly, they'll be able to communicate the same to your clients.

Brokers often feel they lack the confidence to discuss the risks relating to information security and data protection.

Comfort with these topics is crucial to confidently lead a productive conversation with clients on their risk.

We provide a plain English deep dive, clearly introducing the topics in a manner that can be recommunicated to clients.

For your Sales & Marketing Manager

Start a personal conversation with prospects on cybersecurity and insurance with a useful direct mail campaign that will have your targets thanking you.

Our unique Cyber Safety At Work advice pack can be heavily customised with your logo and your own A4 letter included.

Highly cost effective for scalable campaigns, puts your logo on your prospect's office wall and in their teams' hands.

Raft of customisation and postage options available. Contact us today for our information pack.

For your Risk Manager

Generate a new annual recurring revenue stream. Steer your clients to clearer waters with a validated, co-branded cybersecurity compliance service.

Cyber AMI will be co-branded with your logo ready for resale (or insurer provision) to your SME clients and prospects.

Easy to get up and running. Comprehensive support is included to maximise uptake and use of Cyber AMI your clients.

An educated client will present a better risk, and be better able to discuss their cyber insurance requirements.

…Berea's session was thought provoking. I feel more confident in my understanding of how cyber risk, security and insurance relate to each other
Philip Woolgar, Director, Harold Woolgar Insurance

Did you know..?

Our services might be closer than you think.

Embedded Cyber AMI

Cyber AMI is embedded free-of-charge for policyholders in an increasing number of commercial insurance products.

Insurer seminars

A number of insurers provide our unique training collcetively to their broker partners. Ask us who to speak to.

Insurer subsidies

Some insurers have agreed to subsidise the Cyber Accelerator 'at source' (making a cost-neutral service even more attractive!).

…we highly value our access to Cyber AMI as a benefit of our insurance policy…
Nicki Smith, Systems Manager, PE Composites

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