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Help your clients with cybersecurity compliance - without the overheads for yourself.

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Businesses increasingly require HM Gov’s Cyber Essentials certificate. Your clients are likely asking if you can help them.

Photograph of happy clients using Cyber AMI from their IT Support Provider

The problems

Cybersecurity compliance, whilst affecting IT, is not often lead by it. This can cause confusion for non-technical clients.


Referring your clients to external cybersecurity consultants can be a non-starter due to their expense, often exceeding £1,000 +VAT per day.


Retraining a colleague to expand your service into compliance is time consuming. Keeping up to date with scheme changes can be onerous.


Recruiting, retaining and generating work for a cybersecurity compliance expert can be costly if not part of your core business plan.

But you still need to have a solution

What if an efficient, affordable and profitable alternative were available?

…... a really reassuring support for our business, and so helpful in making the annual certificate renewal process easy for us.…
Andrea Napier, Office Manager, Luker Rowe Insurance Brokers

The opportunity

Sell your clients an annual subscription to our web-based compliance app, Cyber AMI, delivering Cyber Essentials.

Why provide Cyber Essentials through Cyber AMI?

Everything you need to get up and running, and everything (including the software) is co-branded with your logo.

Known client need

HM Government is increasingly forcing businesses to obtain the annually-renewed Cyber Essentials certificate.

Recurring revenue

Cyber AMI will provide you with attractive annual recurring revenue. There's little-to-no effort to get your client started.

Work generator

As your client uses Cyber AMI they may identify the need for changes to their IT systems, software or network.

No hassle

We stick to plain-English. Our service is simple for both yourself and for your client.

Fully supported

We believe partnerships are built on trusted relationships. Above-and-beyond is our baseline.


You can be up-and-running in a just a few working days. And there's no onerous committment.

The problems we address

You don’t write your own malware prevention software from scratch. Why should compliance be any different?

No staff overhead

Why retrain, recruit or refer? We've made it easy for you to improve revenue with no increase in your overheads.

No training needed

Our proposition to your clients is simple. Obtain Cyber Essentials without spending thousands on consultants.

No learning curve

You likely already resell software. You can be up and running as a Cyber AMI reseller in just a few working days.

Learn more about Cyber AMI →

…We recognise that Cyber AMI properly prepares a business for Cyber Essentials certification.…
Cary Hendricks, Global Operations Director, ID Cyber Solutions

Our service

We're ready when you are.

Everything you need

There's a lot more to our offer. Contact us today for a full information pack.

Voucher Codes

Similar to a software licence key. When entered in to Cyber AMI, your client will redeem a 12-month subscription.

Marketing support

Co-branded software and marketing literature, ready-to-use copy for emails and your website. It's all taken care of.

Berea's expertise

Besides other goodies, our team will regularly keep you informed of useful information on Cyber Essentials.

Why partner with Berea?

A trusted British business, established in 2010 and based in Leicestershire.

The first

Launched in 2014 Cyber AMI was the first online platform to deliver Cyber Essentials without the need for a consultant.

We're trusted

Among others we work closely with some of the biggest names in the UK's insurance industry - who entrust their clients to us.


This topic needn't be complicated. We take pride in providing a high quality service delivered in plain-English.

…Cyber AMI makes this complex topic simple, approachable, and manageable.…
Nathan Harris, IT Manager, Qdos Group

Let's talk

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