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Practical, cost-effective solutions to help your business understand and address cybersecurity.

Web-based self-assessment and education Cybersecurity guidance and advice pack for staff

Cyber AMI

Better business governance and reduced exposure to risk through compliance.

  • Reduce your Internet-based risk by 70-80%.
  • Obtain your HM Gov. Cyber Essentials certificate.
  • Modular self-assessment and education process.
  • Plain English designed for the non-technical layman.
  • Avoid the expense of using a consultant.
  • Web-based business app, get started in minutes.
A computer screen showing Cyber AMI self-assessment and education platform

Cyber Safety At Work

The easiest way to provide cybersecurity guidance to your staff.

  • Ready-made cyber awareness campaign.
  • Employee education can reduce common incidents.
  • Underpins business-wide information security practices.
  • Demonstrate activity in guiding staff for compliance.
  • Resembles the more familiar topic of Health & Safety.
  • Each advice pack supports 20 staff.
Cyber Safety At Work poster in use